Exciting Trek News Part II

It’s long been known that the remastered episodes of the original Star Trek will be making their way to HD-DVD this winter, hopefully with some new supplements. There will be much disclosed in the coming weeks on this and many things after Comic Con. But Paramount has disclosed on very exciting feature for the upcoming box. Perennial extra Billy Blackburn never had a speaking role in Star Trek, but he was in over 75% of the episodes. Fortunately Mr Blackburn knew he was part of something exciting and brought his 8mm camera along with him to catch as much behind the scenes action, discussion and preparation for the “60s show. Paramount will be including this behind the scenes footage on the sets. Hopefully some of the great supplements from the early DVD releases will be included as well.
And Paramount, I hope you don’t forget those classic episode trailers along with the new trailers for the remastered episodes where available. And you want to know what will make a lot of people plunk down some extra change? Get the rights to those Sci-fi Channel introductions by Shatner and Nimoy from back in ”99. That would be a treat.

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