Exciting Trek News Part I

In addition to the complete seasons for various Star Trek series, Paramount has released a series of “Fan Collective” sets. Grouping together favorite episodes in various categories of Trek Lore. These sets are great for the smaller purchaser, but don’t offer too much in the way of new material. But the new set Star Trek Captain’s Log Fan Collective is trying something new. Each of the five discs contains favorite episodes of each of the five captains. But this time around, it’s a little differnt. Leading each disc is a favorite episode chosen not by the fans, but by the actors themselves.

For the first time, this set will have some extensive extras not available on the season box sets. Each set will contain introductions to some of the episodes by the captains themselves. Each disc will also contain Featurettes on the captains. Contents are as follows.

Disc one features an introduction toe the colection hosted by William Shatner and the Kirk episodes The Enterprise Incident and Balance of Terror (ahh.. The Romulans) and City on the Edge of Forever which will include an introduction by William Shatner and Joan Collins. The interview segments What Makes a Good Captain, The Importance of “The Captain’s Log and Captain Kirk’s Legacy are included.

Disc two focus on Captain Picard with the episodes In Theory, Chain of Command and Darmok all with introductions by Patrick Stewart along with the interviews on The Importance of ”The Captain’s Log, Playing a Captain, Looking Back, Star Trek and the Stage and Picard’s Future.

Disc three focuses on Captain Sisko of Deep Space Nine with In The Pale Moonlight, What You Leave Behind and Far Beyond the Stars, the latter with an introduction by Avery Brooks. Also included are the discussions of A Captain and a Father, Sisko as Emissary, Directing, Imagining the Future, Social Commentary, Aspirations and Star Trek’s Impacy.

We’re not done yet. The forth disc contains Janeway episodes Counterpoint, The Omega Directive and Flashback, all with introductions by Kate Mulgrew. The interview segments here include The Importance of “The Captain’s Log”, Captain Janeway’s Best Qualities, What Makes a Good Captain? Janeway’s Future and Looking Back.

Finally the final disc focuses on Captain Archer of the Enterprise with the episodes Judgement and These are the Voyages with introduction by Scott Bakula along with fan favorite First Flight. The interview segments include What Makes a Good Captain?, The Importance of ‘The Captain’s Log, Captain Archer’s Best Qualities and Looking Back. The disc also includes a closing statement on the set from Mr Bakula.

This is certainly a new idea of including supplements on these sets. With a suggested retail price of $42.99, this might find a place with your season sets and the upcoming complete Star Trek: The Next Generation box. The set rrives on July 24th.

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