Cujo celebrates 25 years

Steven King’s tale of a killer hound is celbrating its silver anniversary and Lionsgate is celbrating with a special DVD release of Cujo.

In rural Maine, Vic and Donna Trenton struggle to repair their crumbling
marriage, while their young son Tad befriends a hulking, lovable, 200-pound
St. Bernard named Cujo. With Vic away on business, Donna and Tad take their
decrepit car to be fixed at the remote farm of their mechanic. As their
aging Pinto sputters to a stop and dies, Cujo appears. However, the once
docile dog has contracted rabies, and has transformed into a hideous,
slavering, demonic killer possessed by almost supernatural strength…and
unholy cunning.

An audio commentary and a three part documentary on on the disc. And the film will be available in widescreen despite some rumors to the contrary.

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