Better late than never. Young Indiana Jones

In 1993, The Star Wars Definitive Collection truly was an amazing laserdisc collection complete with a book interviewing George Lucas. In the book Lucas spent an entire page praising a soon to come media called DVD. Lucas claimed he couldn’t wait to get his films on DVD where they belonged, starting with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles which was being filmed with DVD in mind. Well, we all know that Lucas and DVD never lived quite that harmoniously. But 14 years later, Lucas is making good on that promise. Young Indy is coming to DVD.

The first of three box sets of the younger Jones boy will be showing up on DVD courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what amazing things Lucas may have in store for this release which arrives soon. And don’t be surprised if the third volume is released just in time for the next Indy film.

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