Anchor Bay unleashes Bava’s Demons once again

Just in time for this year’s Halloween, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be re-releasing Lamberto Bava’s Euro-Horror flicks Demons and Demons 2 on DVD.

Written by Bava and Master of Horror Dario Argento, 1985’s Demons set a new standard for inventive special makeup effects and atmospheric horror cinema. Several people are invited to the grand opening of a new movie theatre, unspooling a particularly grisly horror film. As the events on-screen become more and more violent, the unsuspecting movie goers start to transform into bloodthirsty demons – killing and possessing those they attack, thus multiplying their numbers. Now surrounded with seemingly every escape blocked, the remaining guests begin a desperate battle for their lives.

Bava and Argento reunited to continue the horrific story with 1986’s Demons 2. In a seemingly harmless apartment complex, tenants watch a TV documentary about a group of teens who set out to investigate the legendary forbidden zone where a demon infestation once took place. A strange turn of events facilitates a demon resurrection and spells disaster for all occupants in the building – now plunged into darkness from a blackout and a haven for the demons to replenish their numbers…

According to Anchor Bay Entertainment’s specs it seems that no extras will be included on these releases other than completely new remastered anamorphic widescreen transfers to improve over the non-anamorphic versions in the market. However, features such as the commentary tracks and featurettes found on the previous DVD versions don’t seem to make it onto the new discs.

“Demons” and “Demons 2” will be available on September 25 for super-low $14.95.

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