You talkin’ to me? Taxi Driver pulls up in style

Over 30 years later, Taxi Driver remains a turnign point in American filmmaking. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is preparing a nice new Special Edition coming this summer.

At 26, Vietnam veteran Travis Bickle is slipping slowly into isolation and violence on the streets of New York City. Trying to solve his insomnia by driving a yellow cab on the night shift, he grows increasingly disgusted by the people who hang out at night: “Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets.” His touching attempts to woo Betsy, a Senator’s campaign worker, turn sour when he takes her to a porn movie on their first date. He even fails in his attempt to persuade child prostitute Iris (Jodie Foster) to desert her pimp Sport (Harvey Keitel) and return to her parents and school. Driven to the edge by powerlessness, he buys four handguns and sets out to assassinate the Senator, heading for the infamy of a `lone crazed gunman“.

The new DVD is quite filled with supplements including the featurettes Martin Scorsee on Taxi Driver, Producing Taxi Driver, Travis” New York Locations, Taxi Driver Strories, the documentaries Influence and Appreciation, God’s Lonely Man, Making Taxi Driver, storyboard to film comparisons, two new commentaries, animated photo galleries and the original screenplay.

On August 14th, the DVD arrives with a suggested retail price yet to be announced.

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