Warner shows the NFL Moment of Impact

Warner is working again with NFL Films to produce NFL Moments of Impact, a collection of the best full contact moments of the sport on DVD.

Each Sunday afternoon professional football players strap on their pads and helmets and take the field with reckless abandonment to do whatever it takes to help their team win. NFL Moment of Impact DVD showcases the rugged world of an NFL player. NFL Films takes an inside look at a number of the games’ roughest customers – including known juggernauts Ray Lewis, John Lynch, and Michael Strahan. This collector’s DVD captures all the highlight reel hits of some of the fiercest players in the game today and includes player wires and game sound so fans can truly experience the intensity and “impact” of the game. Segments include a look at the art of the “gunner,” the top ten hits and hitters of all time, the first family of defense, sounds of the game and much more!

Priced at $19.98, the DVD arrives on September 25th.

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