The Dresden Dolls play London

For fans of The Dresden Dolls who don’t get a chance to see them perform outside of the United States, Eagle Vision is releasing The Dresden Dolls – Live at the Roadhouse, London – a 134 minute concert on DVD.

The theatrical duo of Amanda Palmer (vocals, piano) and Brian Viglione (guitar, drums) formed in 2001. Constructing a concoction that they affectionately refer to as “Brechtian Punk Cabaret,” The Dresden Dolls became a musical enigma, blending alt-rock, blues, and 1930s German Cabaret. The haunting alto voice of Palmer delivers a sarcastic and biting tone, fostering the themes of their quirky lyricism. Not all acts choose to write about sex changes or the need of a vapid boy-toy (“Coin-Operated Boy”), but it’s their use of imagery, their twisted sense of love, and their peculiar way of expressing themselves that keeps a loyal cult following coming back for more.

In addition to the concert, the DVD carries a 26 minute behind the scenes documentary.

The DVD is coming soon. With a release date of July 10th, the disc is priced at $14.98.

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