Studio 60 on the DVD shelf

As mentioned a few days ago, The Black Donnellys and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip shared the same timeslot on Monday nights and the same quick fate. 60 was primed to be the big hit for NBC last fall but was eclipsed by its lead in show Heroes (uggh. Sorry, no pun intended.) Before the show wraps up for good tomorrow night, Warner Home Entertainment will put the entire series out on DVD in October.

Despite the persona non grata status the show is receiving from NBC lately, the box set will receive at least a few nice features including a behind the scenes featurette and a few commentaries. And while not strictly a special feature, it will be nice to pop the Christmas episode in just to listen to The Tipitina’s Foundation’s music.

On October 16th, Sunset Strip will make news for the last time and sit on the shelf with Sports Night. The cost will be $59.98.

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