Josie and the Pussycats rocks on DVD

It’s nearly impossible to think of Josie and the Pussycats without hearing the little theme song. (You’re hearing it right now aren’t you?) The music and the show are coming to DVD in their entirety as Warner Home Entertainment puts out the complete series in September.

Donning leopard print leotards, long tails and ears for hats during their performances, the group was comprised of Pussycats lead Josie McCoy on guitar, ditsy Melody Valentine on drums and Valerie Brown on tambourines. Their entourage consisted of Josie’s handsome boyfriend and band roadie Alan Mayberry, their cowardly manager Alexander Cabot, and Alexander’s scheming, cantankerous sister Alexandra Cabot, whose mission was to steal Alan away from Josie and take over as the Pussycats’ lead. Lastly, they were joined by their snickering feline companion Sebastian, who not only happened to be just as sneaky and catty as Alexandra but would carry out a lot of her dirty work which would usually get the whole gang into some kind of trouble.

A complete list of extras is not available, but the set will include the documentary The Allure and Charm of Dan DeCarlo. The set arrives on September 18th for $26.99.

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