Boston Legal enters its third season

The third season of the David E. Kelly legal drama Boston Legal is coming to DVD in time for the show’s fourth season with a small smattering of special features from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The third season of Boston Legal started in a very different track, introducing new characters and launching on a multi episode following of a very deranged case. Another year at Crane Poole and Schmidt did not go by however, without the terribly powerful work of Denny Crane and Alan Shore including a fifty year flashback to the first trial of Denny Crane thanks to footage of William Shatner from the 1957 film The Defenders.

Although presented in anamorphic widescreen, there are no plans to release the HD show in a high def format until Fox jumps back into the high def arena. Like the second season, the box is a tad light on special features, containing only the featurettes Out of Order? and Character Witness.

The set will arrive September 18th, probably a good indicator of the timeframe for the fourth season. Priced at $59.98, it can come home to roost.

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