Another year in The Office

Season Three of The Office is coming from Universal Home Entertainment as another nice package this fall just in time for its forth season.

Jim tries to escape to Conneticut, but the fates have other ideas as the failing Dunder Mifflin merges branches bringing him back to Scranton along with some new faces. Andy provides some competition for Dwight for the attention of Michael, but Karen is an altogether different story. The merger casues a growing period for all involved until a new job at corporate provides some competition.

All episodes will be presented in anamorphic widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. (Sorry, no high def announcements as of yet). Like previous seasons, the set will include deleted scenes and commentaries on several episodes, bloopers, music videos (“Lazy Scranton” and one based on Dwight), excerpts from the Emmys and the NBC Primetime preview hosted by the cast. Toby Wraparounds, an interview with director Joss Whedon on his episode, entries in the Make Your Own Promo contest and the small featurette Kevin Cooks Stuff in the Office. While impressive, what seems absent from the set is the short episode created for airline viewing as part of NBC’s partnership with certain airlines, unless this is included in the NBC preview which is also shown on planes.

The set will arrive on September 4th for $49.98.

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