Warner lets us see our Blue Planet in July

Warner Home Video has scheduled the release of the remarkable documentary Blue Planet in high definition as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray versions this summer.

“Blue Planet reveals” the Earth to us as only few people have ever seen it: from space. Orbiting 200 miles above Earth’s surface, we can see familiar landforms: the majestic Himalayas, giant Namib Desert sand dunes, jewel-like Caribbean islands. From the unique vantage point of 200 miles above Earth’s surface, we see how natural forces — volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes – affect our world, and how a powerful new force – humankind – has begun to alter the face of the planet. From Amazon rain forests to Serengeti grasslands, Blue Planet inspires a new appreciation of life on Earth, our only home.

The high definition versions will feature 1080p video transfers of the IMAX film with a losslessly encoded Dolby TrueHD audio track on HD-DVD and a lossless LPCM track on Blu-Ray.

As a supplement both versions will also include The Dream is Alive, an exciting 36-minute film that takes the viewer on a journey into space alongside the astronauts on the space shuttle as they orbit around the Earth, floating as never before over the towering Andes, the boot of Italy Egypt and the Nile. Witness firsthand a tension-filled satellite capture and repair and the historic first spacewalk by an America woman.

“Blue Planet” will be available on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on July 31 for $28.99.

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