They’re still 20 Million Miles to Earth

The 50th Anniversary Edition of Twenty Million Miles To Earth is coming as a two disc DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Upon its return from a mission to Venus, an American spaceship crash-lands in the sea near Sicily. The rescue party discovers that the astronauts have brought back a curious gelatinous mass that soon hatches and evolves into a strange bi-ped creature which increases in size rapidly. While being subjected to laboratory experimentation, the creature, now 20-feet tall, escapes its confines, goes on a destructive rampage through Rome, battles a zoo elephant and swims in the Tiber. It eventually takes refuge in the Colosseum, where the film’s pyrotechnic finale occurs during a climactic showdown with the military.

The set will contain the film restored in black and white and will also carry a colorized version. Several featurettes are included: Tim Burton Sites Down with Ray Harryhausen, The Joan Taylor Interview, Mischa Bakaleinkoff: Film Music’s Unsung Hero and Colorization, a video discussion of the film, a still gallery, audio commentary· and a sneak peek at the upcoming comic book.

A pretty nice set, it arrives on July 31st for $24.95.

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