Ten years after the Spawn

The long running independant comic book “Spawn”, well… spawned a series of toys, a motion picture and an HBO animated series. The series celebrates 10 years on DVD with Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: The Animated Collection coming in a few weeks from HBO Video.

Dark and highly stylized, Todd
McFarlane’s Spawn: The Animated Collection follows the story of murder
victim Al Simmons, who returns from hell to earth as a “hellspawn” or
collector of souls for hell. Gradually discovering the terrifying and
deadly power he possesses, Spawn holds on to his human memories and fights
to uncover the truth behind his death – seeking his ultimate destiny by
battling the forces of evil on earth and in himself.

The DVD set contains all 18 episodes along with storyboards, an interview with McFarlane, featurettes, commentaries and character profiles.

The set will arrive on July 24th with a suggested retail price of $39.98.

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