Heroes is coming in a big way

It’s been tough sitting on news until the official word came from Universal, but season one of Heroes is coming soon and in a very nice set.

Mohinder Suresh, a genetics professor from Chennai, picks up his late father’s research and makes an astonishing discovery – a seemingly random group of people around the world are developing astonishing super powers. From a drug-addicted artist, who paints the future and an ambitious politician who can fly, to a New York cop who hears other people’s thoughts and a Japanese computer programmer who can distort the space time continuum, these new Heroes seem to have a shared destiny.

The set contains the much talked about unaired pilot running at 73 minutes with an optional commenatiry. The featurettes The Making of Heroes, Special Effects, The Score and The Stunts, a mind reading test (?) and a profile on Tim Sale, the artist responsible for the paintings in the series will be included along with fifty deleted scenes. Yes, fifty.

What hasn’t been officially announced yet is the extras on the HD-DVD set which will be arriving the same day. Both will arrive on August 28th. The DVD set is priced at $59.98, so you can expect the HD set to be slightly more. Save your money… eh Save the World. That’s the best I could come up with this morning.

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