Grandma’s Boy

Grandma’s Boy

Submitted by Laurence Price, Kyle

On 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s release of “Grandma’s Boy” the studio has included two interesting hidden features on this DVD in the form of an alternate menu theme and a deleted scene. Here is how you, too, can activate them.

Insert the DVD in your player and on the Main Menu and highlight the “Scene Selection” menu entry. Now press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control and a video game controller will appear on the screen. Press the “Enter” key now and you will switch to the alternate menu theme. Pretty simple, ain’t it?

Another Easter Egg is lurking in the “Special Features” section of the disc. Go there from the Main Menu and then select the “Deleted Scenes” menu entry. In the following menu screen highlight the upper left deleted scene and then press the “Up” arrow key on your remote control. The “Demonik” game name will be highlighted and if you press “enter” now, you will get to see an additional deleted scene from the film.

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