Universal re-releases first HD-DVD titles

Universal Home Entertainment has just announced a re-release of two HD-DVD titles they launched into the market earlier. The films in question are Unleashed and Army Of Darkness. Both films were previously released as HD-DVD/DVD combos and will now be re-issued as HD-DVD versions only.

To some it may appear like a dreaded double-dip, but if you’re looking closely, Universal Home Entertainment’s move is simply a consolidation of the catalog. Instead of charging people a premium for the DVD version they do not need, care for or most likely already have in their personal library, the studio cuts the HD-DVD version back to its bare essentials – a high definition version of the movie itself.

These titles will not be re-authored and will not feature new transfers or anything of the sort. It is really simply the HD-DVD side of the previous combo available individually. That, of course, means that all the extras that were part of the DVD version will be stripped from the release as well.

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