Red Dawn returns as a special edition in July

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment bring the Patrick Swayze actioner Red Dawn back to DVD in July with a number of new extras.

At the height of the Cold War, a small Rocky Mountain town is invaded by Soviet forces and a group of high school students-turned-refugees fight for their families, friends and country.

The release features a new anamorphic widescreen transfer o the film, complemented by Dolby Surround soundtracks. The DVD will also contain a Carnage Counter Feature that keeps track of the movie’s intense violence. Also included on a separate second disc are a series of Featurettes entitled “Red Dawn Rising,” “Military Training,” “WWIII Comes To Town” and “Building The Red Menace” covering various aspects of the movie’s production.

Despite being a 2-disc DVD set, this release will cost you a mere $19.99 when it hits retail stores on July 17.

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