Farewell, O.C.

The show that burned hard and died young is making its final appearance when the final season of The O.C. arrives on DVD from Warner Home Video.

It’s a battle for Ryan’s soul as the Cohen’s struggle to keep him focused on
the future, fighting the forces that threaten to pull him back into his old
life. Sandy returns to the Public Defender’s office, and he and Kristen find
themselves reaching out to another troubled teen, but this one is not a
stranger. It’s Kaitlin Cooper, the number-one troublemaker at Harbor High
School, and too much to handle for her mother Julie, who’s off making some
trouble of her own. The person most excited about leaving high school finds
himself back there – as a teacher. And the new cast member finds herself with some unlikely new roommates – and family members. As much
as the arrival of Ryan has changed the lives of this community, so too, has
the loss of Marissa. This season hits the ground running with The O.C.’s
trademark mix of heart, humor, drama, action, and romance. It’s a new day on
The O.C…

The DVD may not have much in the way of extras, but there are unaried scenes onboard. The set will arrive on May 22nd and will carry a suggested retail price of $59.98.

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