Warner brings volumes of Cult Camp Classics

One thought some of these films would never make it to DVD but for release in June, Warner Home Video has now prepared four volumes of Cult Camp Classics featuring some highly sought-after B-movies.

Cult Camp Classics: Volume 1 – Sci-Fi Thrillers will contain Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman, Giant Behemoth and Queen Of Outer Space.

Cult Camp Classics: Volume 2 – Women In Peril offers up digital versions of The Big Cube, Caged and Trog.

Cult Camp Classics: Volume 3 – Terrorized Travelers is giving us a look at Hot Rods To Hell, Skyjacked and Zero Hour.

Cult Camp Classics: Volume 4 – Historical Epics will then gie you the chance to revisit Colossus Of Rhodes, Land Of The Pharaohs and The Prodigal.

All four volumes will be available on June 26 with a $29.98 suggested retail price, each.

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