Toshiba cuts HD-DVD player prices!

Taking the axe to their entire HD-DVD line-up, Toshiba revealed yesterday that the company will significantly reduce the price of their HD-DVD players as of April 1. No, this is not an April Fool’s joke but a move by the company to make high definition more attractive and affordable to the masses while widening the price gap to competitor Blu-Ray even further.

According to an industry trade, the price for the entry-level HD-A2 player will drop by $100 to only $399. Considering that the HD-A2 is also a phenomenal DVD player this is definitely an exciting proposition for any movie fan.

The price for the HD-A20 will also be lowered by $100, now clocking in at $499. The top of the line HD-XA2 model will be lowered as much as $200, bringing its sticker price down to an affordable $799!

Now, that’s exciting news for everyone who may be interested in tackling a sampling of high definition video!

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