That’s right Ken, MXC goes to second season

MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge – a grossly innacurate abbreviation – is heading to a second season on DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment.

All of the crazy competitions, colorful contestants and droll dubbing return. MXC uses footage taken from the 1980s Japanese television
classic “Takeshi’s Castle.” MXC“ (also known as ”Most Extreme Elimination
Challenge“) is the ultimate take on extreme sports competition. A
side-splitting cross between ”Mystery Science Theater 3000“, ”What’s Up
Tiger Lily” and the X Games, each episode pits two teams (such as America’s
Meat Handlers and the Cartoon Voice-Over Actors) competing in some of the
funniest, most hazardous games ever conceived on television.

There is no announcement as to the contents of this box, except that it will arrive on April 17th for $34.98.

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