Flags Of Our Fathers comes to high definition

Paramount Home Entertainment and Dreamworks Home Entertainment have just unveiled the full details about bringing Clint Eastwood’s acclaimed film Flags OF Our Fathers to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray in May.

For 70, 000 marines who fought with bombs blasting and guns blazing, the bloody battle for Iwo Jima was more than the turning point of World War II; it was the defining moment in their lives. In the epic that The New York Times calls “a sweeping spectacle,” Academy Award-winning director Clint Eastwood taps into the single greatest emotional truth of warfare: soldiers may fight for their country, but they die for their friends. “Flags Of Our Fathers” is a powerful true story of heroism and bravery that should be shared and remembered.

The high definition release of this movie will feature a 1080p widescreen transfer of the film with Dolby Digital Plus audio tracks in English, French and Spanish. Showing Dreamworks’ full commitment to the high definition platforms, the release will also contain a number of featurettes and extras, all of which will be presented in high definition as well, such as an Introduction by Clint Eastwood..

To allow for all the extras on the release, “Flags Of Our Fathers” will comes as 2-disc Special Editions that also contain 6 Featurettes covering “Words on the Page,” “Six Brave Men,” “The Making of An Epic,” “Raising The Flag,” “Visual Effects” and “Looking Into The Past.”

The release will also be available as a Special Collector’s Edition on DVD featuring the same extras found on the high definition versions, but in standard definition, of course.

“Flags Of Our Fathers” will be available for $39.99 on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on May 22. The DVD Collector’s Edition will set you back $34.99.

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