Blue-ray, Rescue Me

As movies are beginning to pour out of the high def production facilities, television is still slow to jump in to the fray – partially due to a lack of high def content. But Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is preparing the complete third season of Rescue Me available on Blu-ray as well as DVD and it seems like they’re doing it right.

“Rescue Me” stars Denis Leary and details the inner workings of a New York City firehouse and the personal and emotional trails of its members.

Both the DVD and BD will include deleted scenes, a blooper reel featurettes and a preview of the upcoming forth season. The Blu-ray disc will be the fist television series to arrive on the 50GB capacity discs. Sony is looking into releasing the first seasons in high def in the future as well with extra HD features.

The DVD set is prices at $49.95 and the Blu-ray at $79.95 when they both arrive on June 5th.

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