Before Adult Swim, they were heroes

Forget Superman, before Adult Swim hired Tad Ghostal and Havey Birdman, they were Earth’s mightiest heroes. The original adventures of Space Ghost & Dino Boy and Birdman & The Galaxy Trio are coming in their entirety from Warner Home Video as part of their Hanna Barbera Classic Collection.

These series will doubtless be a lot of fun in their original form. Although no supplements have been announced yet, the existing Hanna Barbera sets have been lovingly created with good extras. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon. Here’s one oddity. Both sets claim to contain all twenty episodes of their respective series although each series contained far more episodes than this (plus specials). Hopefully, WB is counting a collection of the shorts into half hour blocks as an “episode”.

On July 17th, both sets will arrive for $26.99.

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