Warner creates Total HD discs which hold HD-DVD and Blu-Ray versions

Most industry insiders agree that the high definition format war is not going away any time soon and rather than fight the odds studios and manufacturers are trying to find solutions that serve the public best. One such initiative comes from Warner Home Video as reported by Video Business magazine. Warner will announced Total HD discs at CES next week that contain a HD-DVD and a Blu-Ray version of a movie on the same disc. With such a disc it becomes irrelevant for consumers which format may have more staying power in the long run, as viewers are equipped with each version on a single disc and can easily hop between formats as they desire. It is a move that makes a lot of sense – certainly more than HD-DVD/DVD combos. It will be interesting to see what the price point of these Total HD releases will be and when Warner will be ready to introduce them in the market.

Down the same lines, LG has finally re-committed to releasing a multi-format player that can play discs in HD-DVD, Blu-Ray and DVD format as well as a number of other ancillary formats. Expect more details and an official announcement in this player also during CES next week.

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