Steve McQueen goes high def in style

Warner Home Video has just unveiled that two great Steve McQueen movies will make their high definition debut in February as well on both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.

The 1968 film Bullitt marks one of Steve McQueen’s most famous roles, as he stars as tough-guy police detective Frank Bullitt, assigned for 48 hours to watch a witness before his trial. However, when the witness and another officer are shot, Bullitt decides to investigate the case on his own, much to the dismay of an ambitious Senator (Robert Vaughn) who wants to shut the investigation down, hindering Bullitt’s plan to bring the killers to justice. Robert Duvall and Jacqueline Bisset also star in the film which contains one of the most exciting car chases in film.

Carrying over all the extras from the Special Edition DVD, you will also find the Commentary Track by director Peter Yeats on the high def versions, as well as the Documentaries “Steve McQueen: The Essence Of Cool” and “The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing.” Also included is the Vintage Featurette “Bullit: Steve McQueen’s Commitment to Reality” and the movie’s trailers.

In 1972’s The Getaway Steve McQueen plays a bank robber whose wife makes a deal with a Texas politician to have her husband released from prison in return for a percentage from their next big heist. But when the plan goes sour, the couple must flee to Mexico as fast as they can, with a variety of gun-wielding thugs on their trail. Ali MacGraw, Sally Struthers and Al Lettieri also star in this crime thriller directed by Sam Peckinpah.

On this release you will also find the bonus materials found on the previous Special Edition DVd, such as the Commentary Track by Peckinpah Biographers and Documentarians Nick Redman, Paul Seydor, Garner Simmons and David Weddle. Also included is the Virtual Commentary by Steve McQueen, Ali MacGraw and Sam Peckinpah and the movie’s trailer.

Both films will be available on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on February 27 for $28.99.

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