Some truths are Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD in February from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Author Karen Effiel is writing her latest novel about an unusual
character named Harold Crick (Ferrell). What she doesn’t know is that her
fictionalized character is real. The real Harold Crick is an IRS agent who
has lived a monotonous, dull existence until one day he begins to hear
Karen’s voice narrating his every move. Harold enlists the assistance of literary professor Jules Hilbert,
to help him figure out what’s going on. Hilbert helps Harold change some of
the mundane every day rituals in his life. However, trouble ensues and
Harold’s life becomes fragile when he learns that Karen plans to kill him
off and the events that follow become Stranger Than Fiction.

The DVD and BRD will come with several small featurettes, deleted scenes and behind the scenes shenanigans.

Coming on February 27th, the DVD will be priced at $28.95 while the Blu-ray will come at $38.96.

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