See The Man of the Year in your home

Universal nominates Robin Williams as Man of the Year, hitting DVD later this winter.

Popular talk show host Tom Dobbs speaks the mind of an exasperated nation, aiming nightly zingers at
politicians and their cronies. When Dobbs makes a joke about running for
president, a grassroots movement sweeps him onto the ballot. Soon Dobbs is
skewering his opponents and winning huge laughs – but even he never dreamed
that he would win the election! Hilarity ensues as Dobbs must decide
whether he should return to his late night time slot or stay in the Oval

The DVD will feature two featurettes and will arrive in both fullscreen and anamorhphic widescreen versions with audio in Dolby Digital 5.1.

February 20th will be a good time to pick up the DVD priced at $29.98.

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