Dungeons & Dragons – The Complete Series

Dungeons & Dragons – The Complete Series

Submitted by John

On BCI Entertainment’s release of “Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Series” the studio has also included some hidden material for you to uncover.

If you successfully complete “Kelek’s Crystal Interactive Adventure” on disc 5 you will be treated to a short animation sequence followed by the Dungeon Master who will tell you how to access a hidden feature.

From the Main Menu on disc 5 press the following key sequence – “Down, ” “Up, ” “Right, ” “Right,” “Left,” “Up,” “Down.” This will give you access to the animated storyboard for episode 16: “City at the Edge of Midnight”.

Now go back to the Main Menu on disc 5 and select “More” to get to the next Special Features screen. There highlight the menu entry “DVD Rom Content” and then press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control to see a picture from the commentary recording session.

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