Claude Chabrol’s The Bridesmaid is coming to DVD

First Run Features has just announced a DVD version of Claude Chabrol’s latest film The Bridesmaid to be released in March.

Handsome young Philippe (Benoît Magimel) is still living at home caring for his mother and sisters. When his mother decides to offer a statue in their garden – a gift from Philippe’s late father – as a housewarming gift to her new beau, Philippe is unsettled by the gesture. His misgivings stem less from the thought of another man taking his father’s place, however, than from a unusual attachment to the statue itself: an idealized image of classical beauty, soon embodied in Senta (Laura Smet), a stunning, strangely aloof bridesmaid he meets at his sister’s wedding.

Living alone in the basement of a ramshackle country estate inherited from her father, Senta is as mysterious and near-mythic as the statue she resembles. She tells Philippe fantastic stories about her life, and he is enchanted by her. Their passion for each other is obvious, and Chabrol makes the most of their love scenes. When Senta one day challenges Philippe to prove his love by fulfilling a list of “must-dos,” he readily accepts and soon becomes entangled in an ill-conceived – and deadly – quest for love and loyalty.

The release will feature the movie in widescreen with its original French language track with English subtitles. As extras you will find the Documentary “Chabrol Directs The Bridesmaid” on the release as well as an Interview with Claude Chabrol. The Director’s Biography & Filmography is also included as well as a Photo Gallery.

“The Bridesmaid” will be in stores on March 20 for $29.95.

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