Stan Lee paints a Mosaic

Starz Home Entertainment is bringing an animated adventure to DVD with the help of comic creator Stan Lee with the upcoming Mosaic.

Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic is an epic adventure that leads to hidden worlds
few knew existed. The fantastical journey begins when an average carefree
teenager Maggie Nelson suddenly is transformed into a wild chameleon-like
superhero. After this metamorphosis, she is thrust into a world of intrigue
and adventure. With help from a handsome young mentor, who has connections
to a mysterious ancient culture, Maggie, battles to save the world from the
grips of evil-doers. Is it possible she is the fabled chosen one who has to
make peace between the human and chameleon races? Even if she is, are her
powers great enough to end a war that has been going on for centuries? The
answers await within this highly stylized tale.

The DVD contains an intro by Stan Lee, interviews with Lee and director Roy Smith, a DVD game and a 16 page comic are included.

January 9th, Mosaic will morph onto DVD with a suggested retail price of $14.98.

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