Ghostbusters are coming from BCI

Remember Ghostbusters? Not the 1984 film, not the cartoon based on it, but that other cartoon. The one with the gorilla. Yeah, that one. Well, it’s coming to DVD from BCI Eclipse early in 2007.

With the rallying cry of “Let’s go, Ghostbusters!,” Jake Kong Jr. and Eddie Spenser Jr. are following in their father’s footsteps and have teamed-up with the original gorilla sidekick, Tracy, to become the new Ghostbusters! From their base of operations in Ghost Command, the Ghostbusters are always ready to battle Prime Evil and his never-ending army of bewitching monsters who are out to haunt the Earth! Aboard the flying Ghost Buggy, the gang often takes comical adventures through time itself, Dematerializing prehistoric ghouls in the past, or zooming thousands of years into the future to zap some phantoms with the help of the bewitching Futura!

True to form, BCI is creating quite an extensive set for Ghostbusters. The first 32 episodes (roughly half) of the series are included in this set with interviews with the creators, an anti-drug PSA, the 10 minute promo pilot, storyboards, an image gallery, and easter eggs along with a bonus episode from the 1975 live-action series The Ghost Busters which lead to the animated series.

Arriving on February 27th, the set will be priced at $39.98.

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