Be afraid of The Quiet

Elisha Cuthbert stars in the haunting tale of The Quiet. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing the story to DVD next year.

This erotic and suspenseful tale of sex, lies and betrayal stars Elisha
Cuthbert as Nina Deer, a pretty cheerleader whose life
is turned upside-down by the arrival of her parents’ godchild Dot, a deaf and mute girl recently orphaned by her
father’s death. Although Nina looks upon Dot’s deafness with disdain, her
family and friends develop a strange attraction to her, and Dot soon becomes
a sounding board for everyone’s heaviest burdens. But when Nina becomes
convinced that Dot is hiding a few secrets of her own, she decides to
confess a family secret so disturbing, it cannot be ignored.

The featurettes Fetal Pig, Fetal Pig, Let Me In, Sans Celluloid: The Quiet and the Digital Camera and On Location: Shooting in Austin along with smaller features on script development and casting provide an all around story for the creation of the film.

$24.96 is the suggested retail price for the film which arrives on February 13th.

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