The Weinsteins love The Theif and The Cobbler

The Thief and the Cobbler is one of the great animated films no one has ever heard of. With a production that begain in 1968, repeated delays casued the film to never be released theatrically, and only came to video in 1993. The Weinstein Company is preparing a lavish new DVD of the title to arrive later this year introducing it to a new audience.

In the ancient city of Baghdad, a shy shoemaker named Tack falls
deeply in love with the adventure-loving Princess Yum-Yum. When the
evil wizard Zig-Zag threatens to destroy their beloved city, it’s up
to them to defeat his nefarious plot and save their home from destruction.

For those hoping for the original version of this film at last, there is dissapointment. With the many versions of this film, its unclear which is being released, but the voice cast is that of the recent Miramax version and not the original cast. No features are available. The DVD arrives on November 21st.

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