The last hurrah for Superman and Batman

In a year filled with Superman releases following the year of the Bat, one last batch of DVDs is coming out in March to finish up the collections. Justice League Unlimited: Season 2 and Batman Beyond: Season 3 are coming from Warner Home Entertainment.

September 5th, 1992 was the premiere of Batman: The Animated Series, the dark toned story of the Caped Crusader in a time when cartoons were largely dominated by furry woodland creatures. The series grew and lasted spawning several spin-off series, and Batman himself continued on in the form of Batman Beyond and Justice League until the final episode this last May. 14 years aint a bad run. Now the final episodes of Beyond and Justice League come to DVD for the first time completing the legacy.

Both sets have unknown supplements, but will both arrive on March 20th. Both sets will retail for $26.99.

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