I Dream of Jeannie blinks into season three

It’s the third season of Jeannie and Major Nelson with the complete season of I Dream of Jeannie coming to DVD.

Third season highlights include three episodes shot on location in Hawaii,
the first appearance of Jeannie’s evil sister (Eden in a black wig) and fun
guest stars including Bob Denver (TV’s “Gilligan’s Island”), comedian Don
Rickles, Milton Berle (TV’s “The Milton Berle Show”), Mike Farrell (TV’s
“M*A*S*H”), Paul Lynde (TV’s “Bewitched”), David Soul (TV’s “Starsky &
Hutch”), Hawaiian singer Don Ho, Larry Storch (TV’s “F Troop”), Susan Howard
(TV’s “Dallas”), Ted Cassidy (TV’s “The Addams Family”) and music producer
Phil Spector.

On January 30th, the DVD will appear on shelves.

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