Fox will unleash Blu X-Men: The Last Stand shortly

Trade magazine Home Media Retailing revealed today that 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is working on a Blu-Ray version of X-Men: The Last Stand which will be in stores on November 14 only days before Sony’s Playstation 3 will launch here in the US.

The move is designed to boost interest in Blu-Ray among the Playstation 3 early adopters and to give the format an edge and to make “X-Men” their first must-have title. The studio and the Blu-Ray camp hope to gain an advantage over the competing HD-DVD format that way, though we here at DVD Review disagree. “X-Men: The Last Stand” is simply such a horrible movie that it doesn’t have the pull needed to create a stand-out product, and what’s more, early Playstation 3 adopters will buy the console to play games, not movies, in our opinion.

The Blu-Ray disc will contain a 1080p transfer of the movie, AVC-encoded, and is complemented by a DTS 6.1 HD audio track among others. The disc’s bonus materials will include Two Commentary Tracks, one featuring director Brett Ratner and writers Zak Penn and Simon Kinberg, the other by the movie’s producers. 12 Alternate or Extended Scenes are also included as well as a Marvel Trivia Track consisting of color graphics that pop up throughout the film with inside information on characters and events in the Marvel universe.

“X-Men: The Last Stand” will be in stores on Blu-Ray on November 14 and carry a $49.99 sticker price.

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