A Fish Called Wanda: Collector’s Edition

A Fish Called Wanda: Collector’s Edition

Submitted by Pierre Meunier

On MGM Home Entertainment’s release of the “A Fish Called Wanda” 2-disc Collector’s Edition you can also find some hidden extras if you know where to look for them.

Insert the second disc of the set in your player and form the Main Menu go to the“ ”Special Features“ section. There highlight the ”Main Menu“ entry at the bottom of the screen and then press the ”Left“ arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight the pearl necklace in the treasure chest. Press ”enter“ now to see an interview clip with Jamie Lee Curtis talking about the4 stupid fish gifts that she and John Cleese have been exchanging and the one she found for him just the very morning she recorded the interview.

Now go back to the ”Special Features“ menu and select the ”Deleted Scenes & Alternate Scenes“ entry. On the following screen highlight the menu entry ”Special Features“ and then press the ”Left“ arrow key to highlight a key in the fish food. After pressing the ”Enter“ key on your remote control you will have the chance to see a clip of ”John Cleese sharing his thoughts on the United States Of America.“

Now go to the ”Mug Shots“ section, accessible from the ”Special Features“ menu and highlight the ”Special Features“ menu entry. Next, press the ”Right“ arrow key on your remote to highlight the gems on the side. Press ”Enter’ now and you will be treated to an outtake from the film.

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