Captain N zaps evil on DVD

The ’80s were a time for cartoons to serve as commercials for the latest greatest toys. No exception was the Nintentdo star Captain N: The Game Master who, light zapper in hand, inhabited teh same world as the newest Nintendo characters. Now Captain N comes to DVD for the first time from Shout Factory.

The Forces of Chaos, led by the sinister Mother Brain (Metroid), are
threatening to conquer the otherwise peaceful universe of Videoland. In a
final attempt to fulfill an ancient prophecy, the N-Team – consisting of
Princess Lana, Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Kid Icarus, and Mega Man –
recruits California teenager Kevin Keene to don the mantle of Captain N: The
Game Master! But only as a team can they fend off their rivals successfully,
keeping Videoland safe for another day.

Despite being lables as The Complete Series he 4 DVD set will include the episodes from the first and second seasons minus the final episode of the second season “When Mother Brain Rules”. The set will include the featurette Exploring Videoland, the four page comic from Nintentdo Power Magazine that served as inspiration for the series and in-depth character bios Including original concept art.

Look for the set to arrive for $34.98. You can wait until February 27th, or jump over the final pipe and warp there now.

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