Warner has another high def slate ready for you

Warner Home Video has just unveiled another slate of high def titles, ready for release on November 14!

This line-up will contain HD-DVD versions of Casablanca and Mutiny On The Bounty! As a super-cool addition, Warner is also releasing a HD-DVD version Forbidden Planet on the same day! How cool is that?

It will also include Blu-Ray versions of Million Dollar Baby, The Last Samurai and ATL, all of which have previously been released on HD-DVD already.

“Forbidden Planet” will be available as a 50th Anniversary HD-DVD and as an Ultimate Collectors Edition packaged in a stunning metal case that includes the HD-DVD, a collectible Robby the Robot replica with moveable limbs, Forbidden Planet and The Invisible Boy reproduction lobby cards portfolio, as well as a “Forbidden Planet” original theatrical poster mail-in offer.

All other HD-DVD versions will also be identical to their DVD counterparts including all the extras and supplements found on those releases.

Mark November 14 in your calendar and make sure to cancel those “forbidden Planet” DVD pre-orders you may have placed to get the high def version instead! The Colelctor’s Edition can be yours for $59.92, whiel the other HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray discs will have a $28.99 sticker price. Only “ATL” will be priced at a slightly higher $34.99.

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