Never trust Strangers With Candy

Comedy Central never really took off with Strangers With Candy, but THINKFilm gave them a second shot with the movie of the same name. The film is coming to DVD next month.

Jerri Blank is a 47 year old ex-con who decides to return to her childhood home after thirty-two years of working the streets and being in prison. Upon her arrival, she discovers her father is in a self-induced coma. Hoping to wake him, Jerri decides to turn her life around by picking it up exactly where she left off – as a high school freshman. But for a former boozer, user and loser, hanging with the ‘in’ crowd is going to be harder than turning tricks!

The DVD comes filled with extras including deleted scenes, audio commentary, a music video and a trailer.

The disc will arrive on November 14th with a suggested retail price of $27.98.

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