Live From New York

The Impossible has happened. The show that was never expected to come to DVD in an unedited form seems to be doing just that. Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season will be coming to DVD in a nice looking package with all 24 episodes (the longest season in the show’s history) uncut from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

The Not Ready For Primetime Players created an uproar in 1975 with there live comedy program Saturday Night (which at the time, many confused with the news program of the same name). The first season – the only season for Chevy Chae – introduced some of the shows greatest characters including Mr. Bill and the Deli Samurai as well as some of the shows most memorable moments including Andy singing Mighty Mouse, Lorne offering the Beatles $3,000.00, The Last Voyage of The Starship Enterprise and Killing all the Whiteys.

All of the episodes are apparently intact from their original airings. It will be interesting in future box sets to see how controversial episodes will be packaged and whether alternate versions from reruns will be included as well. Each episode is fullscreen and in stereo. Screen tests for all the performers and a 32 page photo book are included in the set.

Let’s hope there are 30-odd more sets like this coming out in the future, and that each is complete (unpleasant moments and all). Will we perhaps finally see the Mardi Gras debacle again? The first season comes on December 5th and will be priced at $69.98.

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