Ultraman – Here he comes from the Sky!

BCI has the second and final season of Ultraman ready to burst forth with an upcoming DVD set this fall.

In a world threatened by alien invaders and giant prehistoric monsters, only one agency has what it takes to handle the situation: The Science Patrol. Led by Captain Muramatsu, this ultra-sophisticated police force defends the planet from the unknown. What the Science Patrol doesn’t know is that one of its own members has the ability to transform into the giant superhero from Nabula M7B—Ultraman—and can stop evil foes when the Patrol’s weaponry can’t do the job.

The show has been remasteredd and will include two collectible baseball-style cards featuring Ultraman’s foes, the original Japanese audio track and English tracks and a monster encyclopedia. A 12 page book is also included.

Ultraman Vol 2 lands here on November 7th for $39.98. Pick it up before the flashing light on your chest gets too fast.

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