Rune gets exclusive release

Apple’s recent announcement of downloadable movies has once again expanded the ability for the itnernet to give everyone their voice. Rune the independent movie has been announced for exclusive release as a free download from iTunes. Of course, exclusive is an odd term since it will also be made available on DVD the same day.

“What if you could do something about it?” What if there was a way to break down language barriers and enable all people to understand each other’s words regardless of their native tongue? This hugely tantalizing prospect is about to cost linguist Anna Russeau all she’s worked for and quite possibly her life in this smart, brooding film noir starring newcomer Anna Bäumer. Russeau navigates a world of high-powered art collectors, thieves and fanatical government agents who will do anything to abolish her incendiary ideas and bury the ancient artifact she used to decode this Ur-language from which all human speech evolved. Her only chance for success is to team with guileless smuggler Virgil Burroughs and steal and decipher the ancient document.

The DVD seems to have no features and is only available at for $10.00. The DVD and free download arrive on 10/10.

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