One last knock at the door for Three’s Company

The eigth and final season of Three’s Company arrives in time for the 30th Anniversary from Anchor Bay Entertainment this fall.

The eigth season contains some of the late John Ritter’s best
work and a revealing featurette that pays tribute to his masterful
performance skills with physical comedy and mellow-drama. This season
contains the episode “Friends and Lovers” – the finale episode of the
series! It remains one of the best remembered by fans, and the show that
would introduce a spin-off staring Ritter.

The set containst all of the episodes along with bloopers and the featurettes John Ritter: Working With A Master, Usted Habla Three’s Company? and the five mini-featurettes Best Of Jack, Janet, Terry, Larry, Furley.

The set is just around the corner, arriving on October 3rd. You can put it on the shelf with your other boxes where eight is enough, I mean Three’s a Crowd, I mean.. oh forget it.

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