No Soup for You! Only Season 7 of Seinfeld

The seventh season of Seinfeld is coming in a couple of months from the folks over at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

For a show about nothing, Seinfeld: Season 7 has a whole lot of something.
The season opens with George’s engagement to Susan, a
decision he almost immediately regrets; Elaine is banned from the infamous
Soup Nazi’s restaurant, must deem whether her dates are “sponge-worthy” and
has a run-in with her “bra-less” rival Sue Ellen ; Kramer takes on the cable company; while
complications ensue when Jerry buys his parents a new Cadillac and meets his
female equivalent.

The 4 disc set contains all 24 episodes in their fullscreen format along with 11 deleted scenes, several commentaries, individual featurettes on the episodes “The Engagement,” “The Maestro,” “The
Soup Nazi,” “The Soup Nazi,” “The Secret Code,” “The Pool Guy,” “The Gum,”
“The Rye,” “The Caddy,” “The Cadillac,” “The Friars Club,” “The Wig Master,”
“The Calzone,” “The Bottle Deposit,” and “The Invitations”, and the featurettes Larry David’s Farewell, Queen of the Castle: The Elaine Benes Story, Dr. Cosmo on Marriage & Family, George & the Whale and Who’s Larry? Seinfeld’s Secret Guest Star. Also are text trivia tracks on all episodes.

Hooray for television sets continuing to make the effort. Season 7 arrived on November 21st and carries a list price of $49.95.

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