Lost: The Complete Second Season

Lost: The Complete Second Season

Submitted by Christopher Brian Hayes

On Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s release of “Lost: Season 2” the studio has added a number of cool extras hidden away from immediate view across the DVD set’s discs. Here is how you, too, can unlock them.

Insert the second disc of the DVD set and simply let the Main Menu run for a while. During the third loop you will suddenly see The Others walk by.

Now insert the fourth disc of the set and enter the “Set-Up” section. There highlight the menu entry “Register Your Disc” and then press the “Left” arrow key on your remote control to highlight a record. Press “Enter” now and you get to see the full cover of the Geronimo Jackson “Magna Carta” album. Press the “5” key on your remote control and you’ll get a featurette detailing their history.

Time to insert disc number 7 now. On the Main Menu highlight “Phase 3” and then press the “Up” key on your remote control to highlight a hidden button which will allow you to see some info about the Dharma cookies.

Now enter the “Phase 1” section of the disc. There is a button underneath “Fire + Water” that allows you to see Dominic telling the Snowman joke.

Now highlight the entry “S.O.S.” and then press the “Left” key twice followed by the “Up” key. Here you learn something about Sam Anderson’s fear of heights.

Next, enter the “Phase 2” section of the disc and highlight the button to the right of the “Return” menu entry. Press “Enter” and yu will be treated to an interview with Evangeline.

Now go to the “Deleted Scenes” and highlight the button to the right of “Seeing Walt.” Press “Enter” to see Malcolm getting wet for a Shannon vision.

It is now time to enter “Phase 3.” There is a button to the right of “Secrets From The Hatch.” Highlight and select it to view a still photo of the mural painting in the hatch.

In the “Lost Connections” game, you can also find some interesting bits and pieces. Jack, Christian, and Claire all have a connection to a different static video of a person waving. It’s the same video of the same person waving, but each character has their own connection to it. For example, Jack’s waving video isn’t linked to Claire’s or Christian’s. Christian’s isn’t linked to Claire’s. Each video is specific for each character, yet, it’s the same video. So the question is, is it really the same person that connects Jack-Christian-Claire? Or is this suggesting that another character will come into each character’s life that is secret? What do YOU think?

Also, between Locke and Sawyer, there is a “malfunctioning” connection that shows the scene were Locke asks where James Ford got the name Sawyer. Is this insinuating that this is a MAJOR clue that Locke and Sawyer are connected? Can we assume that Locke’s dad might be Sawyer?

Finally, enter the “Deleted Scenes” section and go all the way to the last page. Here press the following key sequence – Left, Left, Up, Up, Left – and you will get to see a clip about a Rain Delay.

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