Look! Down by your feet! It’s Little Man!

The Wayans Brothers continue to roll with Little Man arriving on DVD this fall.

Little Man follows the adventures and mishaps of Calvin Sims, a recently paroled, tough-as-nails-though not quite
three-feet-tall-jewel thief who has decided to retire from a life of crime,
but not before pulling off one last, big heist. A notorious crime boss has
offered Calvin and his former partner Percy P $100,000 to steal the
famous Queen Diamond. But the heist goes bad, and Calvin is forced to drop
the jewel into the purse of Vanessa Edwards . Vanessa and her
husband, Daryl, return to their suburban Chicago neighborhood
unaware that they have just become pawns in a high-stakes crime. After overhearing the Edwards discuss their desires and fears about having
children, Percy and Calvin devise a plan to recover the stolen gem. Calvin
will masquerade as an abandoned baby, infiltrate the Edwards’ home and sneak
away with the diamond.

The disc comes nicely loaded with deleted scenes, a making of featurette, a visual effects featurette, a special on the life od Linden Porco (Calvin’s Body Double), a fictional featurette on how Marlon was shrunk for the film and audio commentaries with the Wayons.

The disc arrives on DVD and Blu Ray on November 7th with a suggeted retail price of $28.95 and $38.95 respectively.

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